time s running out!

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time's running out..my days of complete, unquestioned freedom are coming to an end..from next week ill be gone from here..poof!..u wanna kno my destination??..oh its not hell..but not far from it too..its in the neighborhood..m movin to corposlavery mnc...seems hellizens n my hosts are real good friends..they have to co operate more than often..there s also a rumour that my hosts take regular "resource management" training from hellizens and only the a++ certified candidates are hired by my hosts..offer letters are given to the remaining ones too but later withdrawn..it may seem a cruel joke to you and me but this is hell we are talking about here..there its just used as another training module in hellizen management institute..are you asking me why im going there then??..oh its just dat there s recession here in the human h(e)aven..n i ve got no other option than going to work for the booming hel-conomy!..


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