Does this smell like your life?

Indians are so goddamn crazy 'bout movies that they even want a scripted life. Don't believe me? Read the scripts below and tell me you don't know hundred people who are doing the same thing and I'll take this off my blog.

Script1: (For a guy):

All is well till you are 15. Then comes the shit, "Oh my god! 10th standard, which tuitions are you going to? My son is going to Universal Academy. They have the best teachers", says the nosy neighbour aunty. Next thing you know, your dad's filled the admission form. You've never woken up at 5 in the morning but now you have to do it DAILY!! and guess what it doesn't end that year. Invariably, you are forced to enter science stream in your 11th unless you have brain-damage or you suffer from other brain related disease in which case, you can join commerce or arts, that too if your parents are kind enough. Again, two whole years of tuitions, tests, assignments and shitty exams. Finally, you cleared your exams, Ufff! Time to relax! NO!! The dreaded results come out. Then starts the search for the perfect engineering college( Medical is out of reach, too expensive, you hate biology and also you won't get the seat for obvious reasons).This process has many steps
           1) You start thinking your rank is pretty decent, then suddenly your frenemy calls up. He's got 200  ranks ahead of you, Shit!
           2) Somehow you recover from it, then you get to know your cousin has got a better rank. Oh my god! Parents are disappointed!
           3)Ok they also recover. Your dad goes to work. He tells everyone 'bout your paramveer-chakra-worthy achievement. Everyone, including the peon and the janitor, advises him 'bout which stream and college to opt for.
           4)Meanwhile, at home, you would've searched on the net, read through all the "knowledgeable" sites you know, and decided that Mechanical engineering is the way to go.
           5) Your dad comes home thinking Electronics is best for you. The rest, as they say, is history.
Ok all said and done, college starts. You realize that all the time convincing your dad 'bout the stream you wanted was a waste, b'cos first of all, it didn't work and secondly all streams are the same. They end you up in some software company, anyway. if you realize this fact soon then the four years will be the most blissful years of your life. Otherwise, you just waste time studying and suffering. I'm guessing you are Type 1( I don't care 'bout Type 2s. They are boring). After 100 internals, 75 tests and 10000 movies later, you graduate with decent marks and a 3 lac p.a job.
You are all excited. You first job,YOUR MONEY!. First time, your are moving out of your home. Most probably, you'll end up in Mysore*. You know what I'm talking 'bout. Else Bangalore*. but mostly, Mysore(training's there). You are all happy, the first week. Then the depression sets in and it never goes away. Then you mom calls, she tells you in the weakest of your moods to plan for higher studies if working is boring. Moms invented inception long before Christopher Nolan took his baby steps :). Anyway, an idea is planted. You start planning, give your GRE, somehow get the visa and head off to US. You return 3 years later with a fat salary and an even fatter you. You are married off to some goody two shoes desi girl who's most probably completed her BE working in the same company which you left before you went to US. Ah! the nostalgia. and then, what then, the story ends after marriage.

Script 2: (If you are a girl)
All of the above apply. Some minor changes are done to the script.
Instead of mechanical engineering, you may probably do computer science.
And, your mom plants the idea of marriage in your head instead of higher studies.
and after 2 years of searching for the perfect match while you are doing a thankless job at the software company, you realize you want to study further. Your parents don't agree. They want you to get married, Here they incept another idea. Why cant you marry an NRI? Hmmm interesting!... Guess what you are the girl marrying the guy in the script above. Okay, you are married. This story is over. After marriage, its different story. I don't have the mood to explain.

No offence meant to any commerce and arts students, you guys rock!



  1. LOL Brilliant :) Now I know why Three Idiots was created :)

    And I chose arts after twelfth - do I rock?

  2. :) so true!
    strange my script was written differently!

  3. well written and very true.. :)

  4. @Creativity - :)

    @Indianhomemaker - You do rock!

    @Magiceye- There are exceptions everywhere :)

    @heyithinkthisway- Thank you :)

  5. Guess some things never change.I was lucky I had parents who left me to do whatever I wanted. For better or worse.Though they did influence me to get into Engg. Well done. First time at your blog. Will be back for more.

  6. @le embrouille blogueur - Welcome to my blog! Thanks for your comments :)

  7. Smells familiar. Good observation about how most 'engineers' go about their life. Thankfully, there are exceptions. Actually many of them!

  8. Yeah lot of people would relate to it... The script applies to me too though my parents were all the time of the view "do what you want". So I never had to convince them... Nice observation...

    One more thing (just for info) you dont call it inception when you tell an idea and somebody start thinking on same lines. Inception is smthng that you plant seeds in the subjests mind without his/ her knowlwdge and that person believes that it is his own creation! :)

  9. @Lalit Patnaik- Yup there are exceptions!

    @Karan _ I was just referring to the part of "planting an idea". Of course, inception is all fictional, it can never happen in real life. I was just kidding!

  10. Very nice post. Great usage of sarcasm and humor. Loved it. I will even go as far as to say that most Indian students do not have a backbone of their own. They blindly submit to the wishes of their parents and suffer. Add in some rapacious businessmen and engineering as become the perfect business for profit. More than 5 lakh engineers graduate every year in India. And how many of them are doing anything useful? Practically nobody. Instead it would have been much better if they had followed their passion and done something useful for society.

  11. Very Nice....specially gals script seems like your

  12. @Satwinder- You are right, but some people do change their career once they realise the futility

    @Meghpeon- Thanks :)

    @SMK- and suspiciously, the guy's story is urs :)

  13. haha,so funny and true....
    why does everyone go after the same thing!!!I hate this herd mentality...oof.I'm in an internship in a software company and it pretty much screws my lifestyle.I guess the money gets ppl going...How does it feel when almost all our school mates are within a sq kilometer,same city,different but,same companies...weekdays-no sleep,weekends-lots and lots of beer.The concept/idea of dressing up like school kids,carrying lunch boxes is in itself very irritating(v r xcused here,thank god!).Not a single course in Engineering is useful.How many engineers are contributing to the society?practically none!All the so-called bright students go under one roof,and do what???no one gives a damn,'coz today's iphone 4 is tomorrow's history :(


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