AD (AnnaDomini) - What the hell just happened?

I know there's been a lot of talk, blogging, fbing, tweeting, tree-side talking and what not about the same damn issue. Everyone right from the maid in our house to the least politically inclined friends of mine is rattling on and on about the same bloody issue. From the TV to the newspaper, even Bangalore times is not spared.

Kick my ass if you want but I just don't think anything is going to come out of this "activism" unless we do something more.

When I see the videos on youtube of the rally in Bangalore's freedom park, a major portion of the people I see are college-goers. As a passout of an engg college, let me tell you 99% of the students will do anything to get out of a boring lecture and if its for pseudo-patriotism for which they are being given free attendance, it is literally student bliss.

Another part of the crowd in Bangalore, Software engineers. Being one of that colorful demography as well, I'll tell you we are no better. I'm sure there are readers out there who are already making up their minds to gimme a piece of it for generalising stuff, but come on!! We are software engineers, for god's sake, the same crowd that passed out of the colleges. We'll do anything to bunk office, believe me.

Another trait which stood out in this Great Indian Drama is the Bollywood-ness of it all.

Agreed, Indians are the biggest perpetrators of melodrama in this side of the universe, but naming their new born kids "Anna". I mean, what the fuck is that? People, you are against corruption, do something about it, don't carry stupid banners with "I am anna" written all over them.

Calling politicians "Ganwaar"??

Mocking them wearing a shawl on your head? Kiran Bedi, I used to be in awe of you!

Americans thought Obama can single handedly solve all their problems, could he? Neither can Anna/Akka./Kiran bedi/Om puri/Baba Ramdev for god's sake.

I just want to see what comes out of this whole drama.

You wanna know what's the most effective thing one can do to prevent corruption

Stop handing out bribes!

Its as simple as that, but can you do it?

Will you wait for an extra two weeks to get your passport? Will you stop giving bogus driving tests to get your DLs? Will you go and argue in a court if a policeman gives you a false ticket?

Democracy is built to prevent corruption, and yes, its not democracy's problem, it's the human psyche. As long as you are handing out money, there is always someone to take it, it doesn't matter how many days you fasted or how many days you wasted in the hot sun.


  1. I totally agree with u.. I read somewhere that almost half of the people in freedom park didn't know what was all the fuss about.. In a country as huge as India, monitoring corruption at every level is impossible, and as you say, when there is an easy way out who wouldn't shell out 100 extra??

  2. @Ananth- Exactly..its not the right thing to do, but in such a selfish climate all ppl think is about getting on with their own work..

  3. For most it is a battle of good against evil. They think they are making history and want to make sure they are on the right side of the fence.
    This August Kranti brought the best and the worst in us.
    Just hope something good comes out of this so called second freedom struggle.

  4. exactly what i thought of the issue! we are so used to hyping each and everything that can get us some tv coverage :|

    ta! for visiting my blog...following you now <3


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