Why is the girl pissed?

Girl will break somebody's head if she has to go through another "ladka-dekhna" sessions.

Here's why:

Step 1:
Girl's family decides on a "family restaurant" and invites the boy's family.

Step 2:
Girl's family comes, waits for Prince Charming and his family. They turn up fashionably late, what with being the proud owners of a fully functional male specimen. Both the families exchange pleasantries,

Step 3:
The most important step: Inane conversation, it can be anything say, about the weather in the city or how exquisite the Gulab Jamoons that they ordered taste. It can also be about the scarf that somebody has to buy, it can well be a discussion about anything, but mind you,it cannot be about the matter at hand.

A typical conversation goes like this:

"Oh! Traffic in Bangalore is getting worse day by day, don't know what is going to happen in a few years from now", says BF (Boy's father)

BM smiles. It is her cue.

GM and GF also smile.

Girl and Boy are clueless.

"Ya tell me about it. My son, he goes to whitefield daily. Poor thing, gets so tired by the time he comes home", GM says.

BM and BF smile sympathetically and say that Prince Charming also does the same thing everyday.

Boy and Girl are clueless.

"So, tell me, where do you work?" GF asks Boy.

Boy proudly declares he slaves around for some MNC.

BF and BM's eyes shine with pride.

Girl is clueless.

"So, what do you do on weekends?", BM asks girl.

Everybody is clueless.

Please, Oh pretty please tell me,tell me how? How can anyone make their life altering decision based on the weekend activities of the girl or the traffic in Bangalore??

Finally, with smiles that would remind someone of the expressions they had when they were trying to control uncontrollable diarrhoea, the crowd decides that maybe the girl and boy may have something to talk about which does not concern things like the food habits of tribals in North Karnataka.

Girl and Boy are still clueless. They move to a table nearby, but mind you, it is in the vicinity of dear lifesavers. They do not want them to indulge in respect-losing activities like talk freely, maybe.

Anyway, They shake hands.

Before I say any further, I'd like to tell you an anecdote about software engineers in Bangalore.

Bangalore's beggars and software engineers ask each other the same question, "Which platform do you work on?"

This is the exact question the boy asks the girl as they sit down.

God save the girl!


  1. Which platform do you work on??? Haha..super one...

  2. lol that was hilarious!
    sad but true!

  3. @Sheela- Not funny!

    @Magiceye- Its sad bcos its true..

  4. hehe... hilarious description of the great Indian melodrama.. :P Go for the love marriage way instead.. or download some antivirus like boyfriends before meeting a geek :P

    Weakest LINK

  5. That was hilarious.

    Shall i give you a view from other side? Boy is invited to girl's home. Some mouthwatering delicacies are kept before boy. Boy waits for the usual claim that girl made it with her own hands, while GM proudly proclaims it is a special preparation by GF. Boy choke to death.. Based on a true story.

  6. Family resturant :) Confused families shouting hysterically trying to discuss world politics and confused kids running around...

  7. oh! that was a very well written post. Hilarious!

  8. Hahahahah...wicked..wicked you!
    And God save the boy :p

  9. @Rachit- Hehe..very original idea :P

    @Harish- I guess its the same for both the girl and the boy

    @Soham- Yes yes all that and more..

    @Ashwini and Chitra- Thanks

    @Purba- I'm not wicked..just very pissed!

  10. @Rajendra- Thank you for visiting my blog and all the comments..please do come back!

  11. BTW which platform u work on is an old joke!!!!.and also Plagiarism(joke) is not good.Shetty's r like that oly!!!.wat much can u expect of them??!!! :P


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