Better Half or the Better One?

They call it the better half, they call it the significant half. I have a problem with it. I'm not a half, neither is it. "It" - because, it can be a she or a he. I don't want to offend anyone. Now, if it is also offensive, then it better not be.

I haven't lived with anyone ever, but since the unforeseen catastrophe of colliding planets, I have been asked to live with my other one. The other one, as we know comes from Mars, and I come from Venus, apparently, but I feel like the other way around.

The other one exhibits some special characterstics, which have not been seen other other ones, like cleanliness. He is fanatic about it. I, being from a planet, that no one visits, am not so bothered about it. But the other one, Yes, oh my god! Anticipating those god foresaken visitors from Earth, who never come, wants everything to be spick and span.

The other one is also particular about time. Wants to go to the daily dungeon of destruction, on time. Me, on the other hand, work on a lazy evaluation process. Will not move until it is absolutely necassary.

The other one is also a little OCD, I'm ADD.

Its strange how species from different planets, are made to stay together. But come to think of it, do species of the same planet, get along? What if both are OCD? They will fight about the color of their curtains, the whole day.  What if both are ADD? Before you know it, they'll be living in a garbage dump.

Anyway, coming back to the other one and I. We have a plebiscite. While performing mundane duties of self-nourishment, we have a line of control. The other one and I do not interfere in each other's culinary chemistry experiments. The other one is a perfectionist, every time, his  experiments give same results - a deterministic approach, but I on the other hand, is always a probabilistic specimen - sometimes, ones, sometimes zeros, but mostly in between. The other one, also never says no to any experiment of mine, though I have to admit, I do disrupt his activities when I have a dislike.

The other one and I, have one thing in common. Adventure.He likes doing it. I just like word.
Before the planets collided, I told him the same, but the other one misunderstood, and look where we are.

Living with the other one, has taught me a lot about the other planet's culture, However, Its probably
the other one who seems to have learnt a lot more than I. The other one has to, if the other one, wants peace.


  1. Marriage is a big adventure. Otherwise, life will be so mundane and predictable and boring.. you should feel fortunate for having gotten a chance to undergo this 'adventure'.. :P

    Destination Infinity


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