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hey..yest was a new day..had a lotta fun..der was a fest in college..the first time any cultural event was happening..i don kno wy ppl r such sticklers 4 culture..what is culture neway??..ther was a debate yest as 2 whether the name bangalore shud be changed 2 bengaluru..n i was against it..but ppl were sayin its needed to protect our culture..i guess ppl r so insecure that they think by just changing the name they can change the face of society..de said it reflects our history..n i ask them wy do we hav 2 stay in de past??..de said it resolves our identity crisis..n i say..if only it were so simple..at the end of the day..the Bard knew better.."whats in a name?"..he rightly asked


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