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in my last post i tol u dat in da second half f last year i traveled a hell lot...the first place i visited ws pondicherry...i always wanted 2 go there..dono wy..the place was like an enigma to me...right 4m the time i saw an ad in the newspapers showing a whitewashed house built in the french style n with a caption which read"get lost in pondi" or an equivalent..i wanted 2 jus go der..so i forced a few friends..planned haphazardly, as usual..n ended up der..the bus dropped us on the outskirts f the town..its supposed 2 be a union territory but what the hell..it seemed like a sleepy lil place..we reached there at 7 in the mornin..the travel agent had booked a pretty decent hotel but that wasnt the prob..the best part f the town was the beach road..a stretch f about 2 kms that overlooks the sea..n this road was about 5 km 4m our hotel...n the autowallahs ripped us off properly..n like every other dumb tourists we fell 4 their tricks if u can call it that...on the first day i was slightly disappointed..it seemed like any other place in tamil nadu..hot and greasy..i din come across ne right angled streets..we went shopping but came bac with nothing..we 5realised that there are 2 distinct parts f the town on the second day...n we were in the uninteresting part sadly...but no worries.. we wen 4 a walk that night on beach road..n i had the best ice cream ever..trust me wen i say that..it was the best!!!!..i think the place ws called la casa r sumthin..i definitely wanna go back there...:)...second day we did usual touristy sight seeing..wen by innova..n well i forgot..its been soooo long ago..lol


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