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why? seems such a simple question but its the most difficult to be answered.others like what, how, when and wher are really very specific but why is not so. why does anything really happen?..why were we born?..why am i on this planet?..why didnt i get a better job?..why is everyone doin what de r doing?..wy are things supposed to happen in a particular manner?..why should a kid go to school?..why should a wife love her cheating husband??..why should a husband love his nagging wife??..why should people work??..why should we pay for things??..why should we pretend to be someone else??..why dont i blog often even though im so jobless??..why am i so scared of the uncertain??..why should people put up with people they hate??..why should i leave my home and join a company that most probably will torture me??..why cant i make up my mind??..why cant i fight for what i want??..why am i so scared??...if only i knew!!!


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