Can anyone be more confused in life??

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OK,first things first..i tel the whole world that i love writing..but is it true??..i don think so!!..m sooooooooo lazy to write..k remove write..m jus plain simple LAZY!! i had been to an interview in a "software" company that claims to be a "software" company but it no complaining..oh god!!..m such a whiny wuss..but that ws one of my most enlightening experiences..til now i hadn voiced out my thoughts to anyone but today, i did.And now that i heard them aloud..i ve finally cone to a conclusion..pls wait wit bated breath ie if u haven already slept off,.....i decided to stop thinking!!..once for thinking watsoever..come wat may..n one more thing im gonna follow the george costanza principle..m gonna go against my instincts..i ve been thinkin bout dis concept for a while n i think it makes complete perfect sense..m just gonna go against my instincts!!..n wats with da doesn make any sense..oh!!..again..can ne1 be more confused??


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