the dreamer in me

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now that i ve decided to blog as often as possible, get ready to hear some inane stuff, which ll make u go yaaaaaaawn!! or may interest u depending on which extreme side of the human spectrum you belong to, but i doubt any human ll read this but stil...k neways i wanna write bout the weirdest dream i ve ever got n dat was last night..i get some strange strange dreams but dis was totally out of the blue..i remember only vaguely..but ill try as much as i can to put it in words..k here it goes..i would ve gone on a trip with my college pals..we stop near this lake in the night n some of the more adventurous types plan to go on the coracle..though i can call myself mildly adventurous, my spirit depends on the type of adventure..but as a rule a coracle in a lake is a definite no-no..k dats not tha point now..ya der ll be a fortune tellerish weird ol lady at the side of the lake..n the curious cat in me jumps out to ask the same question haunting my mind during the most jobless moments of my life..will i have a love marriage or an arranged one?? she says its the former..k til now everythings normal but here comes the strange part she tells me dat ill get married on 26th september 2011!!!!!!!!..i remember this detail soooooo it true??..gotta wait to find out..if it turns out to be den i can be woman i read bout in a novel who tels fortunes of others by dreaming bout dem..yeah me!!..


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