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Had been to the much hyped restaurant cum dessert "bay" 'ping' today..watever bay means lemme tel u it stands up to its hype..atleast i feel..i had veggie momos n a choco dessert called original sin..i ve had a very bad experience with momos before n hence, i ws a bit apprehensive but tried it anyway bcos this place is supposed to be famous for it n apparently they make 60 varieties..jus shows wat a human mind is capable of with flour, kitchen n a stove..:)..k neway dese momos jus erased al my bad memories bout da previous were jus awesome,perfectly made, juicy n scrumptous..:P..n do dessert was really a sin to indulge was also very good..though the ice cream was a bit hard but the whipped cream combination jus made up for in ws super!!


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