one million things in one little brain!

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there are two types of ppl in the world..those who can make up their minds and those who cannot..ppl are born that way..there are some ppl like this example, who wakes up one morning thinking hw s got to start singing, he quits his job and 3 years later, voila,he is award winning singer..no1 asks him what he went thru in the initial year when everything was so uncertain, when lotsa ppl called him a nutjob, when his wife left him for a "saner" and "more stable" man..but did he care??..oh no..he didnt..he did what he wanted to..he was completely focussed..he knew that one day he would achieve his goal..slowly but surely..he knew it!!!..but how does one know??..the one in question is me?? in life s first crossroads..i ve a thousand different paths in front of me..n i dont know what to not made of the stuff legends like dat guy are..his kinda stories just disturb me..they stir me up in a sort of get-out-and-do something kind of a way..but dat something is what im in search of whole life s been a big unanswerable question..i get astonished at people who take life or leap decisions in a split second..i dono if they are ready to face whatever comes in their or if they are just lazy to think..when a decision is placed in front me..i ve a long process that amounts to nothing in the intermediate period of problem and action..if there is one month to decide, i while away 23 days that thinking there s still time..then this s the schedule of the final week
Sunday night- start worrying at fever pitch and thinking of alternatives for the inevitable
Monday-tell mom about unreasonable doubts and hence start the looong journey of my non-existant, assumed doubts..from mom to dad to bro to srin to dev n whoever that crosses my path
Tuesday- come to an intermediate decision and convince myself about it..then talk to sheel, hence disturbing the whole balance
Wednesday-freak out again,start unreasonable doubts' journey all over again
Thursday- come to intermediate decision 2 which is exact opposite of decision1..n start panicking, trying to make arrangements for new decision
Friday-realise that decision2 is not feasible so stick to decision1 and start making ulta arrangements
Saturday- sticking somewhat to decision1,(which s quite not what i want to do but stil..hmmm) n doing what needs to be done soon so that my pendulum of a mind doesn swing back again

OMG!!..m so tired afterjus trying to list out the process and imagine having to put myself through this process every single time..phew!


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