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btw, i had one of the most enlightening talks today with my dad..most of the times, we just argue n he gives up early..(yeah me!)..but today was a complete different scenario..i actually let him talk without interrupting..i was in a dilemma, which s been my routine from the past 2 months..i finally asked for advice..k i mom started off in his usual way telling me to do whatever i want..gawd!..i hate it when ppl tell me that..its so difficult to decide..once i ve got the gonna hire a decision maker for me..r im gonna pay scientists to build a decision maker which can read my mind, do some voodoo type calculations n decide whats best for me..that ll be soooooooooooooooo good!!..k neways coming back to the point, in the meanwhile..i ve got my dad to make things easy for me..though he told me the usual, his metaphors n similes jus blew me away..he told me dat im in the kind of a situation where i wake up in the morning hungry, i want breakfast, i ve got a loaf of bread in front of me which i dont feel like eating.. n im tooo lazy to cook something else n so i end up starving..he also told me dat i won know the depth of a well by just peeping in..i ve gotta climb down to know..u know what..i think he s exactly right..he just described my whole infy prob in such a simple example....bravo dad!!..but the solution..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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