what do i wanna do in life?

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this is one question dat i cannot stop asking myself..life would ve been so easy if every question of mine were answered..like the guides we had in school which would give us all the answers for the questions in ou syllabus in a jiffy, without having to go through the whole text book...oh i wish!..but ther are no guides in life, the various people around who are bent upon giving "good" and "practical" advice..and then there s me..one of the most confused souls in the whole wide world..here s a list of questions thats been haunting me from time immemorial......

1) why did god put me on this planet?
2) what is the one thing, out of many, that i really really want to?
3) what is the course i have to follow in life?
4) how many times can i forgive myself for making same kind of mistakes?
5) do i want to go to infosys?
6) if not, then why am i forcing myself to go?
7) if i do want, then why am i thinking so much?
8) should i try software before totally giving up on it??
9) will i ever write a book?
10) will i ever be brave enough to do the unconventional?
11) can i ever stand up for what i believe in, rather than just trying to convince myself?
12) will i regret if i go to infosys?
13) will i regret if i don go to infosys?
oh god!..im goin to infosys now..pls gimme the strength to either survive there or come back home without breaking my head over it...gimme gimme gimme now!!!!..why couldn u make me a brain like howard roark's???..i wan his brain!!..or anyone else's, for that matter, except mine..its toooooo messed up..can i exchange my brain??..ne1 interested??..pls lemme kno so that i can answer all those questions using my new brain..pls!


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