back again!

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Perceptions and assumptions..can people ever live without them?..i dont think so.I was just going through few of my previous blogs and its just plain evidence to what im about to many things i assumed about the so-called "corposlavery mnc" and now here im, all hale and hearty, ready to gobble up my own sweet words..whatever i ass-u-me-d about ify is totally 100% WRONG!..its been one of my most vivid experiences ever..this past month has been a real roller coaster ride..i ve had days when i wanted to jump out of the campus and run away from there and then there have been days when i ve absolutely loved it..some people cal it "The best training Institute in the world" and they arent wrong..ther s absolutely nothing you could ever want there, except maybe peace of mind..:)..but seriously, the company has made a real effort to take care of every emloyee s interests..its upto them to make best use of the available facilities..There s also one more thing, what really amazes me is the dedication with which every employee, right from the janitor to the manager works..the place makes the people like that, i guess..


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