Another day at home

Relationships, especially in a family,and especially in mine, have always baffled me. One moment, all is hunky-dory and the next, it is utter chaos.
Over the last 15 years, I have seen aunts and uncles, leave my house swearing never to return, I have seen cousins not knowing which way to swing, I have seen my mom crib about not being able to talk to a few members of the afore mentioned "family" because of some unfortunate happenings, I have seen uncles acting awkward with other uncles who they were not on speaking terms with, I have seen cousins who stay in the same house but barely speaking to each other, and I have seen the same people coming back together to celebrate an occasion and suchlike, mostly everything that happens in a normal dysfunctional family. I have friends with absolutely no clue about such mundane problems.The reason they don't know such problems exist is because their families are so far flung that they come together only when needed.The reason I know about these problems is because my family is, or rather was, suffocatingly close.
I want a picture perfect family, like the ones they show on KJo movies, not like one on arrested development, though my family has a loooong way to go before they can come even a bit close to either of them. Anyway, through all these grouses, we have had more good times than bad ones. The reason I'm writing all this is because, my sister is getting married and there are certain issues, that are not making this occasion not as happy as its meant to be. I hope everything will come back to normal and I can strut in her wedding reception.


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