How on earth do I manage to do things that only I can do??..I screwed up a technical presentation.How could I?.Everyone's saying that it was not so bad, but I'm sure they are just trying to be polite.I know that it was THE worst presentation of my life.

My tryst with horrible presentations, started way back when I was in the 5th standard.I took part in a kannada debate, I dont remember what the topic was, all I remember is that throughout the presentation I was looking up towards the ceiling, as if I was waiting for it to open somehow, so that I could fly away from there.Some insensitive people also commented that I looked like a blind girl praying to god, what with the repeated 'aaaaaaaaa' after every word!
The after effects of my feat were so remarkable that I didnt try it again for 10-12 yrs after that.

Then, came the "dreaded" subject seminar in my engineering.Now, dont get me wrong, Im not the kind of person who gets nervous easily.There are some people including my own family, who call me 'over confident'. I dont agree with them, naturally, but still, I expect myself to put up a pretty decent show.But lo!,My presentation was so "good" that I was made to repeat it, citing inadequate data as the reason.I could live with that.There was no problem with me, only with the data.I repeated the presentation and all was well, once more.

I was done with that and was living my life happily, when ILI came along.It completely changed my perception about my public speaking abilities.I actually was a finalist in one of the events, where I was imitating Rakhi Sawant.I thought, When i could do that, I could do anything..People used to choose me for every event that included presentations.Can you believe it?.I ruled the roost.

But wait, I hadnt anticipated this day, today.Today marked the rebirth of I-forget-words-while-speaking wussie in me.
I hate you, Wussie..GO BACK!


  1. really wasn't that bad :) I can say because I've been 'aaaaaaa' ing my way through presentations since forever..

  2. haha...wussie..??..nice..i'm shit scared of public speaking... ;)


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