A Bitter Sweet End

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As I stand on the edge of the cliff, all set to jump into another whirlpool of a new year, I cant help but recollect all the things that made and broke this year for me.It was not exactly a wonderful year, I had to separate from a lot of people and places, I loved.

First on the queue was college, It had practically been my home, for the past four years, in the process pushing my actual home to a "second home" status.I used to go home only to sleep. I couldnt bear to give up the comfort of my department, teachers and friends, who had made life so easy and kinda pampered. I wanted colege to go on for another year, Ya it happens to everyone.First few days, you wont ever want to go back to that place and after that, you wont leave even when you get thrown out. I know some friends and seniors who still go and hang out there, giving the juniors enough leverage to visualise their own "jobless existance after college".

Anyway time just flew by, and before I knew it, I was making a speech on the farewell day, organised by our "generous" HOD. That may be the end of my loooong stint in educational institutions.Phew!..It seemed like the phase would never end.

Then, there were july, august and september, collectively the most traumatic time of my life. I was trying to focus and do something "fruitful" in the 3 months after college, but as usual, they were over before I could finish planning. My planning mostly dealt with coming up with excuses not to go to Infosys, and all of them just fell flat on my face, as I held my suitcase, and offer letter outside the company's gate in Mysore. I settled in the place, not expecting too much happiness.

But wait, The year had another big surprise in store for me. The company, which I never even expected in my nightmares to call me to work for them, miraculously did it. They called me. First time I heard the news, I was jumping with joy. Finally, I could "break" out of the "prison".Then, as it sunk in, I realised I did'nt want to leave the place. It had kinda grown on me, but still, I left.Dont ask me why, I created many scenes worth watching. I was crying like a baby when I left the place. I was completely depressed for a few weeks following that, but I began to settle in my new workplace and things kinda fell into place. I dont regret my decision to quit Infy. The suffering my friends are enduring there, is reiterating my "good" decision. If any of my friends are reading this, I completely sympathise with you guys.:)

2009 was a complete experience, It had its highs and lows, But I'd not like to relive the year, for sure. As for 2010, bring it on!

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