I love Bangalore

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Its weird, life is!
Morning, while on my "journey" to my new office, I thought I'll write about a great Kannada actor, Vishnuvardhan who passed away this morning, Ill get back to that, but suddenly I realised there's no one here who I can share my feelings with.It may not affect me that much, the actor's death but suddenly, a new feeling crept up.In the US, the death of Heath Ledger or Brittany Murphy would have evoked the same response country wide.Vishnuvardhan, is no less an icon for the kannadigas, but for the bihari who sits next to me, or the maharashtrian in front, or the tamilian at the back, he's just another name, like how Bangalore, a few months before, was a place they read about in their geography class in school, but for me, its been my whole life.Given a chance, I would visit all the places worldwide, but with my feet firmly placed in my hometown, which is slowly losing its originality.People from Bangalore are being pushed outside, to accomodate the new comers, all thanks to the flourishing IT business here.Maybe, Bangalore wants to belong to everyone.OK, U attention seeker so be it!..Ill love u always!

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