Infosys Training in Mysore-An Experience

Richard Branson, once quoted-"I ve had more fun in life by saying yes to things, than no".I had read it somewhere but had not given it much thought.
My journey in Infy, Mysore began on the 4th of October' 09. It was a sunny sunday morning. I was excited as well as nervous.Honesly, I didnt want to be there after hearing many spook stories about the place and also I didnt wanna live all alone in some new place.I would be working and living on my own for the first time in my life.It was my last option as I had been placed in other companies, but thanks to Recession, there was absolutely no correspondence from their side.Anyway, with all these and more apprehensions in my mind, I just went.Some friends of mine who had already joined had told to me to come with a friend, so that there may be a chance that we both would be put in the same room(*) and lo!..the plan worked.My best friend was now, my roommate.
First night, I think I scared the hell out of her.I didnt have dinner properly, and I guess I was crying a lot.

Then came the actual part, The whole next week. we were made to sit in day-long Induction sessions inside the spherical multiplex(*).They explained to us, what Infosys, as an organisation is all about, how they protect the interests of their clients as well as their employees.They stretched a bit, but all in all, It was not that boring since we were in a group and they did try to make it fun, by including a lot of interactive activities( and here Im stressing on the word "try"..;)).Then came our first lunch(*).I had'nt thought about what I should have and what all I could have. I've always skipped the things I "should" have and focussed mainly on the things that I "could" have.There were a lot of options there, but the tricky part was finding the best out of the worst.If anyone s reading this blog, I d suggest FCs 1, 2 and 4 for lunch..1, 4 and 5 for breakfast..3, 4 and gazebo for snacks and 1 and 6 for dinner but what the hell everyone s got their own opinion..go try it on your own.
Then there was the most important part, whenever we used to get bored we used to just head to the ECC, the Employee Care Centre(*).There absolutely no dearth of activities, one could do there.You think of something and poof!..its there, from chess to rock climbing.Its just amazing, but we had a different purpose altogether to go there. My friends and me,We used to sit there and rate all the guys, We had special scales for rating.We gave gold, silver and bronze medals to them for date-ability..:)..Not one came close to gold, but we had a host of silvers and a whole pack of bronzes, but most of them were un-rate-able and un-date-able.
This was the peaceful first week.Then started the actual training.We were all nervous, did'nt want to sit in class the whole day. We used to see so many people walking back to their rooms at odd hours in the night. We thought we were going to be fried!..But guess what, it was not that hectic.Some who want to make their lives miserable can and will do so, No one s there to stop them but there are others who amidst all the chaos, can hold on and smell the fresh air.Be one among them.
There's another part of training, not dealing much with the technical stuff but the soft skills. This training just shows how much interest the company takes for the development of an individual.
Yesterday, I quit Infosys.I had another offer in Bangalore.I knew Infosys wont place me in Bangalore and I had to make a tough choice.I dont know if Ill ever regret it, but it was one of the most unforgettable, satisfying experiences of my life and I chose to end it.And Tomorrow, I start a new journey in a new place.I hope I come back with similar stories.
And if someone out there is apprehensive to go join infy training, dont think twice, Just say YES!
And ya if you have noticed, I ve put stars(*) in some places.They can be replaced by "struck by the awesomeness of the buildings".lol


  1. I knew you would have written a post..
    Dont worry..Everythings an experience..Hope your next company will offer you sweeter memories..
    Good luck for the new job :D

  2. Got here through Indiblogger. Interesting post. I remember my days at ILI. We were one of those small batches which didn't have place in the GEC! Now, they have so much place not knowing what to do..

    Anyways, best of luck in your new venture..


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