Union Budget for simpletons

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Every year, since the time I discovered the Newspaper, I've tried to read every single column in the annual budget edition. The first time was maybe when I was thirteen or fourteen years old, I went through it, I couldn't understand one word, so I thought,"I'm too young for this, may be next year". Its been 10 years since, and I still keep telling myself the same thing.

Anyway, I went through the whole budget edition grudgingly, and came up with a list of things that I understood.This is for simpletons like me, who can't understand and care about what tax cuts, excise duties and MAT accounts are, and most importantly, for those who hate if numbers, obstructed sentences:

1) You've got to pay tax, doesn't matter how much, they are taking from your hard earned cash
2)You have to pay more for petrol, diesel or whatever you use to fuel up your car.
3) In case you are planning to change your car, get ready to shell out more cash.
4) Did your mobile get stolen?..Here's some reason to cheer, mobile prices have reduced.Yeah!
5)Don't become too happy if the same thing happened to your Ipod, apparently prices of electronic stuff have gone up.
6)Good thing if you are on a diet, food prices will go up for sure.
7)Get ready to travel to Delhi or Bombay or wherever by train, Plane fares going up
8)If you have some illness, again a reason to cheer, prices of medicines will reduce
9)Is anyone in your family getting married?,either try wearing pearls on a thread to the wedding, or popularizing copper jewelry 'cos gold is a rich man's dream now.Oh! but wait, even copper prices have gone up.
10)Wanna buy a house?, pay more
11)Wanna eat a biscuit?, pay more
12)Wanna watch a pirated DVD at home?, pay more 'cos the original ones are getting cheaper.
All in all, I cant find one good thing in it for me, All the best for the rest of you guys!


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