The Swayamwar Seance

People always talk about experiencing things, in order to understand them, but I feel watching the show, aptly titled,"Rahul Mahajan Dulhaniya le Jaayega, Swayamwar season 2", has been more enlightening in all aspects of life, for me, than trying to experience things myself.

There are a looooot of things I learnt from this show, its hard actually to put all of them into words, but still I will try. First thing that "touched" my heart is that no matter what you do, including drug trafficking, wife beating, letching at every lady you come across, anything can be forgiven,but wait it comes with a clause attached,and that is, all the above apply only if you are filthy rich . It is really heart warming to see 16,000 girls applying to marry this eligible bachelor who possesses all the qualities stated above. After all, we do live in a country that believes in, "Innocent, until proven guilty", so why not?

Till now, I had only heard about the concept, "Unity in diversity", but watching this show gave me a chance to feel it,. 15 girls or so, coming from places ranging from Chennai to Jammu, all uniting for one cause, to marry our own eligible bachelor, Mr. Rahul Mahajan , whose profession is as ambiguous as Rakhi Sawant's comments, who by the way, was his eminent predecessor on the show.

One more thing, I had a glimpse of the species of girls who I thought were almost non-existent in this era. They are none other than the contestants. They remind of a saying in hindi,"Ek se badhkar Ek". They talk about "Eternal love", "Love at first sight", "Ghar sambhalna", and stuff like that. Don't get me wrong.I'm not a women's lib kinda person. There's nothing wrong with these things, except when they all come in the context of Rahul Mahajan. There is another angle to these girls, it seems some of them are doing it for fame. If that is their aim, then god bless them, its better than being married to that guy. I'm sorry if I'm not able to hold back the sarcasm.

Anyway, the show is coming to an end, with only three "fortunate" girls left. Lets wish them, All the very best in life, and please pray for them. They are going to need it.


  1. haven't watched that show yet... but seems i need to catch it atleast on you tube :D
    funny how thing are working in this world :P

  2. @Rajlakshmi- just watch it once..u'll kno wat I'm talkin about


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