Life in a loop

I'm feeling uneasy,
Maybe b'cos life's been to me, so easy
I don't know what to think, I don't know how to plan,
My life has its own course, It doesn't care, it doesn't listen,
I try to make things happen,
Is it my fault if god has another plan?
I don't know if what I'm doing is right,
of course, nothing is black or white,
I'm just another leaf,
in this world of happiness and grief,
With the wind I just swoop,
I want to stop, I can't,
I want to stop, I won't,
but if I don't,
Well!, I'll go back to line one,
and read it once again!


  1. nice one...
    this is my first visit to ur blog and i liked it...

    here is mime...

  2. @gautam, tarun n varun- thanks guys!

  3. All that happens is for a reason, and it is always for good. Live the moment!

    Good one friend.. first time here.. look forward to be more often going forward :)


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