Filmi musings

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Some questions always remain unanswered,
Some of them are yet to be thought of and some of them asked,
Some come to my mind,
Please answer some, answer all only if you can,
Number one,
How did Karan Johar think MNIK would run?
Number two,
Why was Avatar second in the Oscar queue?
Number three,
How can Rajkumar Hirani win an award for best "story"?
Number four,
How can Shahrukh and Saif be such a big bore?
Number five,
How are such fashion disasters even alive?
Number six,
Don't believe me, check out their filmfare red carpet pics(Filmfare fashion police),
Number seven,
How were 16000 girls ready to marry Rahul Mahajan?
Number eight,
Since we are on the same plane, where is Rakhi Sawant?
Number nine,
Isn't it time for me to dine?
Number ten,
Good night then!


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