An Apology to Bangalore


Today, I want to write a post about my favorite place in the whole wide world, Bangalore. Maybe my love for this place is biased, maybe its because I haven't lived in another place for such a long time, and maybe its because I've spent my entire life here. But, whatever it is, I just love it with all my heart.
But lately, things have not been so smooth between us, Bangalore and me, that is. I feel I've been putting all my efforts to abuse this wonderful place.
Not so long ago, I used to drive through the stretch between KR Road and City Market, on my way to college and think, "Can anything feel better than this?''. The stretch was lined by huge old trees, and they provided a dense canopy, shielding me from the cruel summer sun, but today when I pass through the same road, all I can find is grime and dust in the air. I know my fellow Bangalorians have a vision to make it a more commutable place, and hence, are forced to fell the trees, but I don't know if the cost is worth the product, and in this case the city metro.I know its not a garden city, without its trees, but will you forgive me for this, Bangalore?
A few years ago, whenever I used to pass any area, I could find huge houses with large verandas and gardens, or even single houses. My friend used to live in such a house, it was nearly a century old. But now, when I look around all I can find are either high-rise apartments, or software offices. In our drive to beautify Bangalore, Are we taking away the charm?, Maybe, Maybe not. Maybe I'm being silly, but again I'm sorry Bangalore, that you have to undergo reckless digging, and manipulation of your soil.
I remember, when I was 13 or 14 years old, Bangalore got its first multiplex, Innovative multiplex it was called, and it was in Marathalli. It was near the city airport. Everyone thought it was ridiculous to start a multiplex in that godforsaken area, where people from the main city, didn't bother to go except for the sake of the airport, but now my friends who come down to Bangalore from other parts of the country are astonished to find that, a few years ago, Bangalore had an airport right in the heart of the city. That's the scale at which the city is growing.I'm sorry Bangalore if we are making you grow, at an unnatural pace.
There was a time, when Kannada, the language of the state was actually being spoken here, but now, I'm the lone kannadiga in an office filled with people from all parts of the country. I'm sorry Bangalore if we are killing your language.
Maybe changes happen for the better, but still I'm sorry.


  1. i lived in bangalore for a year, when my dad got a transfer.. i fell in love with the city..
    we lived near cubbon park, so green and cool.. wide roads lined with beautiful green trees, amazing climate, no grime and dust.. it was such a lovely change from mumbai, and still it managed to retain the cosmopolitan city feel.
    i recently went back, and was shocked.. traffic is terrible, it has become so warm, so much concrete here and there.. it is so sad to see that bangalore has lost its charm..
    why compromise nature's bounty in the name of development?

  2. @thoughtfulrandomness -Ur absolutely right!

  3. I have not visited Banglore yet...

    But I can understand your concern, the rapid growth and changes do pull emotional chords sometimes!

  4. "I used to drive through the stretch between KR Road and City Market, on my way to college and think"

    OHH we do live in the same locality :)

    we do share same thoughts, bangalore in 80's and 90's was different and now its totally changed from climate to landscape...

    i can say Bangalore is bald loosing its tree in the name of flyovers, underpasses and metros i can say climate too has changed drastically what ever it is if this urbanization continues and trees cut down in the same phase bangalore will be next "TAMIL NADU" in temperature.


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