Movies and LSD

Yesterday was yet another movie day. This time I watched the provocatively titled 'LSD- Love, Sex aur Dhoka'. As expected, the critics buoyed by the title itself, lavishly praised it. It seems to me that, more than doing their actual job which is to review movies, they are bent upon heralding the coming of age of Hindi cinema. Anyway, this post is not about them.

This movie made me think, 'What is cinema after all?'. Isn't it supposed to be larger than life?.Isn't it supposed to take us away, atleast for 3 hrs, from our mundane lives?. Isn't a movie, if its a love story, supposed to make us feel good?.Don't you feel adventurous, while watching a thriller or a con movie?. Doesn't a patriotic movie inspire you?. These are the kind of  movies that I've been watching all these years, and then there's LSD, a widely accepted praised movie.  One reviewer says 'Shun your middle class inhibitions and presumptions and watch the movie'. That is not the point. Any movie, good or bad, has to evoke some kind of feeling from the audience. It can even be a headache after watching an intolerably boring love story, but what if, after watching a movie,you don't feel anything. I didn't find anything great or awful about the movie. It was just there, just made and just played.

Maybe, I'm not an intellectual. I don't really care. I just want to get some kicks out of a movie.Why are movies, these days, so scared of real feelings? Is it too much to ask for, in this age of experimental cinema? , but then maybe, it just mirrors the society.


  1. yeah i also think the term "experimental cinema, parallel cinema and the hatke genre" has been overdone a bit. You have some movies like the recnet one road the movie winning awards all over the world but personally I ripped my hair apart in that one

  2. @ajit- ya i kno:), sometimes i feel hum aapke hain kaun type movies are oly better


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