The Thinking God

They stand in queues,
dripping with sweat,
with hopes in their hearts,
and a thousand wishes to overburden me,
I look down,
I'm scared,
All I could see are long lines all around my abode,
I want to get a wink of sleep,
but they never seem to exhaust their energy,
They come, they pray, they eat and go,
the work begins for me only then,
their wishes come in 1:1000 ratio,
How can I fulfill them all?
but if I don't, they return,
with extra wishes to be fulfilled,
and if I do fulfill them,
They come again, and the process goes on,

They need holidays,
They watch movies,
They eat ice cream,
They buy cars,
But what about me?,
Do they ask me?, No, They don't,
Who wants to eat same "prasad" daily, in this age of pizzas?,
Who wants to go on a chariot, when there are ferraris?
Maybe I want to watch TV,
Maybe I want to go on a private cruise,
They ask me for all these things,
But what if I want the same?,
No one listens to me,
Maybe because I'm god,
Maybe I should outsource some of my work,
hmmm..any takers?


  1. oh no... the job god isn't so simple! million wishes a second and million more the next... I am sure the god too needs all of what you have mentioned. Fortunately, they are the only creatures who aren't materialist like us! Otherwise, even the god would have said... 'Oh My God'!!!

  2. its really surprising to c dis blog coming frm u.hmmmmm.i wudn mind being UR god.;P
    WAT U SAY???

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @mohan- ya i kno, god would've just given up on us


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