All that a Post wants

Some people blog, Some read,
And some people promote,
But all I dream of are some precious words,
Some words in this galaxy of blogs,
Some words to talk to,
To carry a short lived love affair,
I need some words to tell me,
Some words to inspire me,
Some to chastise me,
Some to criticise me,
Some to pamper me,
but None to ignore me,

All I ask are a few words,
Am not greedy,
I'll be lost in this blogosphere in a while,
but till then I want to be loved,
I want to be commented on,
I want my master to be followed by many,
Is it too much to ask?,
After all, I'm just a post,
I'm here today,
I'll be gone tomorrow,
but most of all, I want to remain forever, in your heart:)


  1. your poem is cool,
    every post wants to be commented on,
    it depends on your luck,
    joining in a group for poetry is good for you!

    awesome writing!

  2. Good one! So, all you want on your blog is few comments on each and every post and few words to get inspired from other's posts!

    No, it isn't never a too much of an ask :)

  3. @jingle,manjunath and mohan- thnx guys:)


    thank you for visiting my blog,
    some awards for you to pick up,
    Happy Sunday!


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