The Bloggers Block

Sometimes its hard,
Just to come to this page,
I have countless things on my mind,
but nothing flows till my fingers,
I think about a hundred things,
a dozen of which are mind blowing,
but when I sit to write,
everything goes empty,
I stare at the screen and play with the keyboard,
I type something,
I feel happy that I'm going somewhere,
only to press backspace a moment later,
I feel challenged,
I am disappointed,
Then I let go,
Call it what you want but,
I call it the Bloggers Block


  1. Good one..

    I have a solution though if it interests you :)
    Don't start typing... instead start giving a shape to your thoughts with a paper and pencil when something flashes to your mind. Just jot down few points... Even if you get different thoughts, put them in different sheets ;) that way you have a lot to get over this bloggers block!

  2. glad you let the block inspire you...just letting my fingers walk even when it does not make sense sometimes gets the thoughts flowing...

  3. yea's not easy......but as mohan has one solution ..i have a work around..... :)

    i only write when i want to .....i don't pressurize myself for writing everyday.....if nothing comes to my mind for even i week...i won't write....

  4. @mohan- thanks for the solution..I think that sometimes when I randomly get some idea, I have to hold on to it and not forget later when I sit to write..thats my biggest problem:)

  5. @ hitesh- I believe what u say, the words have to come to you and not the other way round:)

  6. as long as you can blog about it!


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