What is every guy afraid of?

Guys don't get scared easily, atleast they pretend like that. They hold their girl's hand, while watching a horror movie, They will be the first ones to check when there's some suspicious noise in the middle of the night and they also smirk when a girl shrieks at the sight of a cockroach. Are they as brave as they look and act? NO!
I can prove it to you, any guy, irrespective of his physical or mental abilities, ranging from a geek to a macho man, is scared of one thing, that one thing that can make him shriek, shiver and what not? He looks at the girl for support.He nearly faints(albeit, due to exhaustion), because he definitely doesn't get any.
Did you guess what it is?

Its shopping. Tell me I'm wrong:)


  1. changing the diaper of his baby when his wife looks on! what else?

  2. is one of your multiple personality following your own blog?

  3. Dear Friend,
    Many gents love shopping;I know.They have more patience than ladies.
    May be the day another guy steals her heart!Feeling of insecurity!
    May be the more income,fame and popularity of his wife/girlfriend.
    More to add to the list.
    but let me stop here.

  4. hmm, I am not really scared, but yes often instant reaction comes naturally if something drops all of sudden when sleeping or something, will wake up and take a look. Only thing scares me is just thinking what will I do without my parents :(


  5. you got us.. shopping it is.. my dad usually leave my mom at the store with ebough cash to get back home :D

  6. his huge EGO getting trampled (sorry abt this but I'm pissed of at guys in general right now)..
    nice one!

  7. @sourcebound- ur right, I did it when I had zero followers..lol.. why don't you follow me?

  8. @anupama- There are exceptions to every theory..;)

    @Opinion- yeah, ur right, that's my biggest fear too:(

    @ Dr Roshan R - lol

    @thoughtfulrandomness- thnx:)

  9. first time on your blog
    i fully agree with your comment
    i admire the guts of guys who can stand our shopping. hahahha
    when we are out of town on vacation , I really admire my husband's patience -- to enter each shop, see hundreds of things and then come out empty hand.

  10. @anjugandhi- I wish even they'd learn to do the same instead of just standing and sulking:)

  11. Those who don't get scared, don't react. To quote Karna from Mahabharata..."The warriors who don't fear are made of woods"

  12. a girl in tears freaks me out completely!

  13. You got it right...n d biggest problem starts if u have 2 girls shopping together....You need to block the whole day then :)

  14. Yeah i guessed it.. it is it is "LADY GHOST"

    am i right? :P

  15. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/12/ready-or-not-here-it-is-poetry-awards-for-march/

    runner up award for you,
    Happy Monday!

  16. @Tarun- yeah rite:)

    @rahul- girls know everything:)

    @g2- yup, many guys r scared of that too

    @Vishal- thats exactly what I'm talkin 'bout

    @Manjunath- Even I'm scared of that one

  17. Bingo...
    Plus dreadful questions like "the red one or the blue one?"

    I have a limited amount of patience and I don't like to see the sad look on the faces of shopkeepers when someone very casually dumps all the 'selected' clothes and moves to the next shop

  18. Sorry my life contradicts you LOL... My husband and son both are shopaholics and people have fainted shopping with them.. specially my son. He loves nothing better than shopping.. as for me - give me the task of throwing out a cockroach anytime ;)

    BTW Can you please help me in the contest by leaving a comment on my Youngistaan Post? Thank you in advance. here is the link http://chaptersfrommylife.blogspot.com/2010/04/april-2010-youngistaan-ka-wow-contest.html

  19. @Saurabh- Cant blame the girls, There are too many options

    @Farila- As I said before, There are exceptions to every theory:)

  20. @Saurabh- Cant blame the girls, There are too many options

    @Farila- As I said before, There are exceptions to every theory:)


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