Who's 'more' responsible now?:)

Last week was the fourth time I left my key in my bike's keyhole. Once, it can be forgiven, twice, can be understood, thrice, ok I can promise myself to be careful the next time but FOUR times!!!. How could I convince myself about it?

I have always been an irresponsible person, what with being a pampered brat, but I told myself, "I have to grow up at some point of time, and I think it is NOW."I said this to myself last week.

I checked for my key daily, It was a blemishless week. I was so happy, I held my head high, at last I was trying to be somewhat responsible.I entered my office, walked into my bay carrying my water bottle. So proud of myself I was, and then everything shattered right in front of my eyes! There were two of my water bottles lying on the desk, the ones I had forgotten there last week. I sat on my chair and kept the third one next to them.


  1. Well, it is fine to commit a new mistake... but repeating the same mistake is something you really need to get over with!

    Also, remember one thing.. you can't commit all the mistakes in the world... you gotta learn from others mistake too. And, I am noting down yours ;)

  2. @satya- I won't tel u:)

    @Mohan-U'll run out of paper:P

    @Nalini- I hope I do:(


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