The Greediest Child

The mid summer morning,
God! it was unforgiving,
As if mother earth was saying,
'Take this, you indignant son of a... , duh, me'
I said,
'I chopped down some trees,
after all, to give them life, you are
I burnt some fuel,
after all, to replenish it, you are,
I killed a few tigers,
after all, to bring them back, you are

Then, it thundered,
a few strokes of lightning, I could see,
The sky ripped apart,
'Are you angry now?'

I thought,
'This is it, you gave up on me
How could you do it?
Am I not your sweet little innocent kid?
Didn't I plant a few saplings two days ago?
Please don't do this'

Then, You poured on me,
the sweetest, the most wonderful, little drops of rain,
and I was home,
It was heaven,
To forgive me is your habit,
After all, a sweet child of yours, I am


  1. Hi great concept, i see great potential maybe when all the personalities merge who knows

  2. awesome poem!
    Keep shining!


    awards for you,
    Happy Sunday!

  4. @Sourcebound, Giri and Ji- Thnx guys:)


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