Back after a brief hiatus, the reason for which being my trip to Wayanad, and the sluggishness that follows all my trips. Since I've never written about any place I visited, I'm grabbing this opportunity with both my hands.

Wayanad, a hill station, about 350 km from Bangalore, is the perfect getaway, provided you don't reach Bandipur between 9 PM and 6 AM. The road through the national park is closed during this time. You'll have to wait in your vehicle, which is what we did :)

This was my second trip to Wayanad in a span of one year, naturally I was apprehensive about going there again, but thankfully itinerary didn't have any of previous year's places. These are some of my favorite places there,

The first one is, undoubtedly Kuruva Islands. Needless to say, its flanked by water on all sides. You get to do River Crossing, Rock climbing, even Tree climbing and even swinging from trees. It is real treat for people who like "mild" adventure.

Check out some of the photos. Please ignore the timestamp, I'm too lazy to change it:)

Then there is Meenmutty falls for people who love aping their ancestors;). It is nestled between hills which are not easy to trek, but still the entire journey is a visual treat.

After two tiresome places, You can visit the peaceful lakes in and around Wayanad. I have visited two such lakes, Banasura lake and Pookot lake. The former is scenic with a wonderful view. Best time to visit is during Sunset. The latter is a regular lake, where you can go pedal boating. Given a choice, opt for Banasura lake.

Banasura Lake

Pookot Lake

And finally, The place that I liked least, Edakal Caves. They are caves on top of a hill, where apparently early men have inscribed( for me its "doodled":)). Nothing wrong with the place, maybe I was tired since it was a very hot afternoon. There is one thing special. Standing on top of this hill, you can see a huge rock that is vertically cut.

Before I forget, a special mention to all those wonderful tea gardens on the way, They make your travel within Wayanad, even more pleasant.

So next holiday, you know where to head to!
Go ahead and enjoy:)


  1. You took me back to an outing for 4 days around various places in Wayanad. Starting from Sultan Batheri... it was one of my most cherished outing. Nice pics :)

    Well, you should have gone further up from Edakal cave, the scenery around from the top of that hill is so mesmerizing, you will forget everything for few minutes while getting lost in that 360 degree view!

  2. Beautiful pictures of Wayanad. I like the lake and fall the best. Nice place to beat the city-life blues !!

  3. @Mohan- As I said I really was very tired that day, I guess I missed it:)


  4. Dear Friend,
    Good Morning!
    Beautiful pictures!I had been to Wayanad years before and don't remember much other than the hair pin curves!
    Thers is wonderful homestay there.You missed their spice garden and yummy food!You select your vegetables from the garden n they cook for you.they offer noon veg food too!
    I have heard about the coffee estates but the tea gardens!
    Closing the road at night has invited much attention and discussion in media.How come you didn't know?
    Thanks for taking the readers through a cool safar.
    Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

  5. wow!! wow..wow..wayanad.

    Its an amazing place..and this is one place we use to hang around on weekends.

  6. two days back I blogged about my visit through wayanad roads and here comes another.. Beautiful fotos !!

  7. @Anupama- I think I missed that piece of news, Thanks for visiting my blog! Visit again :)

    @Sorceror- An amazing place indeed:)

    @Subu- Hope U had fun too:)

  8. Beautiful photos and nice narration. Liked the post a lot. Reminded me of our project-team trip of Wayanad and Sultan Batheri.

  9. my PM is like huge Wayanad freak......everytime you ask him...where you want to go for this weekend....he say wayanad......though i have never been to the place....but would love to ther some time...........

    nice captures.....

  10. @Hitesh- it was my manager's idea to go ther..lol


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