Kids, What can you say to them? :)

I have never been a fan of little kids. They are noisy, They cry, They irritate you when you want to look like grace personified( read, during weddings when you are all dressed up but have a little kid nagging you), They are attention seeking and most of all plain irritating. Some people can control them, but I can never impose any kind of authority on them, NEVER.

Anyway, due to some lapse of my common sense, I signed up to teach english in a primary school. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of teaching, but I think I'd do a lot better in middle school.

On the first day in 3rd standard, I came up with what I thought was an ingenious idea to make them learn words, I told them to get a new word every day. I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm. Every one wanted raised his/her hand. I chose 2 of them, after a lot of confusion and chaos. To be frank, the first day I found all of them really adorable :).

Next day, One of the "chosen" kids, (who, later I realised was the naughtiest boy in class) came up to me with a big smile. I asked him what his word was,
He said, "Apple".
I was taken aback, I told him, "Arjun, Get a bigger and more difficult word tomorrow"
He smiled again and went back to his seat. The rest of the day just passed and next day, The moment I stepped in, He came running to me,
"Miss Miss", He said
"Yes Arjun",
"I got a new word Miss, Its bigger and more difficult",
I was happy, I thought 'Okay, my plan seems to be working'
I said, "Okay, Go ahead tell your word to the whole class"
He turned around confidently and said, "PINEAPPLE"

I just didn't know what to say! :)

U can check out their photos on this link


  1. Hahahahahahehehehe...Oh God, I adore Arjun. He is a smart kid!

  2. hahahaaa.....can't say....when i used to teach my kid cousins....they were all over me......they were just two....but would easily beat me.....

    they wouldn't take me seriously......and would never agree to anything i the end the class ends with them crying......yea i'm bad

    but you aren't ........good you are patient with kids

  3. @Richa- He is adorable:)

    @Hitesh- They never took me seriously either:(, but it was fun


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