Am I what I am?

I smile at them,
They seem happy,

I'm a mother, I hate cooking,
but they love to eat,

I'm a father, I hate my job,
but they respect me for my money,

I'm a husband, I hate my wife,
but they envy me for my "perfect" marriage,

I'm a son, I hate my subject,
but they think I'm going to be a "big" man by studying this,

I'm a daughter, I hate the idea of marriage,
but they throw the phrase "settle in life" at me,

I'm a man, I hate myself for it,
but they seem to love me,

I'm a woman, I hate watching soaps,
but they've branded me a "soap maniac",

I love to live on my terms,
but I want to keep them happy,

I think they are happy, but are they?
Am I losing touch with myself in this process?
They call me "perfect",
I know I'm not,
So why don't I stop?


  1. No wonder someone came with famous phrase "Nobody is perfect and I am Nobody!"

  2. we end up being what other people expect of us...we do need to stop trying to please!
    enjoyed the have covered all facets

  3. @Mohan- Its actually good not to be perfect


    @Purba- Yeah, I agree wit u:)

  4. @Mohan- Its actually good not to be perfect


    @Purba- Yeah, I agree wit u:)

  5. Keertana - this actually calls for a post...these are classic assumptions people make in life...I think I made one just now - Anatreek ?

  6. OMG!! u have readers for your funny poems..but this is really nice one..u r getting beter...Way to go!!

  7. I like it so very much,
    you speak what I wish to say yet not being able to say...

    fabulous poem!
    thanks for playing!

  8. Beautiful...
    absolutely :D
    loved it...
    and yes everyone expects something from us.. but it was superb

  9. perfection is an empty dream...

  10. @Jingle and meg- Thnx guys!

    @Brian- U said it!

  11. This really covered various viewpoints of many people and it's amazing that you were able to do it accurately!

  12. @Achut- Its hard to ignore things that happen around you daily, that's where it comes from..

  13. I remember a not-so-famous part of some poetry. Your Post reminds me of it. It was like....
    Muhabbat ke mazaameen mein ,
    zabardasti nahiin hoti!!
    Jise Rastaa badalnaa ho,
    Use rastaa badalne se,
    Jise had se guzarnaa ho, (Had=Boundary)
    Use had se guzarne se,
    Naa koi rok paaya hai,
    Naa koi rok paaega.....
    Karo jo baat karni hai!! Karo jo baat karni hai!!

    Sometimes it really fascinates me to realize that my little brain created a mindset, accepted a boundary, and all my life, I will be struggling around its border....stuck...and still loving it!!
    You write well miss!! Keep posting.
    Sakht Jaani

  14. @Sakht- Glad that you liked my post!, Keep reading:)


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