A to Z of The Great Childhood Summer Vacations:)

A holiday, today, tomorrow, everyday!
Brushing teeth and wearing shorts,
Calling friends from their house gates,
Dancing in the summer rains,
Eating chocolates,cakes and cookies,
Fighting with friends for no reason,
Going berserk doing cycling tricks,
Hulk Hogan and HitMan, They were the heroes!
Ice-cream, lollies and mangoes, unlimited supply,
Jumping on the sand, when buildings were being built nearby,
Keeping the fingers crossed, as result time neared,
Licking the lollypop, you won in a bet,
Making merry, when parents went out,
Nasty cuts and bruises, brushed aside,
Often being chased by neighbors,
Playing hide and seek all day long,
Queuing for tickets, in circus, movies r zoos,
Reading tinkle, champak and everything colorful,
Stealing cashewnuts from jars,
Tom and jerry, everyday,
Umbrellas in rain!, never heard of them,
Vicks was something hated afterward,
What wonderful days they were!
Xbox and playstation, we never wanted them,
You know what this is,
a to Z of our Great Childhood Summer Vacations:)


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