I'm a disco yogic!!

I've been working in fact half a day and half a night daily, what with my office starting at inhumane hours like 6 in the morning! I'm back home at 3, have absolutely no idea what to do afterwards. I tried sleeping in the afternoon last week, and it worked. Then I tried not sleeping, that worked too, but with me being cranky 'bout what to do when 'not sleeping'. So I decided to join some classes, preferably something that didn't need much commitment (What if I don't like it?, What if I have to practice, like in case of guitar classes?, so on and so forth). Finally after due deliberation, I decided to join yoga. I thought I needed some exercise!

I reached there 5 minutes ahead of schedule, but it had already started. They were doing some lying-on-the-stomach-twisting-right arm-stretching left leg sort of exercise. I got scared. Before I venture further, I have to tell you that I have the most inflexible body ever. In fact, my movements are more limited than Upen Patel's facial expressions. yes, I'm really that bad.

But thankfully, may be because the instructor kinda had some psychic feeling about my abilities, he moved on to simpler exercises, 15 minutes into which I was already puffing and panting even without doing half the stuff!

Then ten minutes later, I tried doing the sarvangakashtashtaasana or something which involves coiling the body into a circle. Do you think I could do it? Miraculously, No! Even an aunty of 40 years old, as better than me. I think thats why elders blame our generation to be couch potatoes. You see its not our fault. If they make yoga into a video game, where we have to simulate the aasanas to move to next levels, We'd do it!

Anyway, thats not my topic, I'm more bothered about myself. That was my first day, I don't know how long I'll last there. The countdown begins:)

P.S: I know the title is misguiding, but I liked it, So I didn't wanna change


  1. LOL @ In fact, my movements are more limited than Upen Patel's facial expressions.

    I"d recommend dancing classes for you, it's much more fun.

    Why Disco Yogic?

  2. I tried Hata Yoga here in UK...Went for just one class coz every time the English instructor would say something like Moola bandha and other sanskrit terms, it would sound like Spanish or hebrew and when I had to hold my breath in, I'd be splits trying not to laugh at what she's saying..Suffice to say, neither she nor I thought we should continue it..:)

  3. @Purba- I was singing that Mithun chakraborty's song 'I am a disco dancer' and simply came up with the title:).. doesn't make sense though

    @Journomuse- I actually like goin to those classes even if don't do it well, lets see how long it'll last:)

  4. hope to see you in our Poets Rally,
    nice to see you multi-talents.

  5. @Lalit chowdary- Taking one step at a time:)

    @Jingle- Will be there!

  6. I am pleased to have you in this week,
    to get more feedback, I suggest that you visit 12 blogs in my participants list.
    Good Luck!

  7. @Jingle- I will try to visit hw many ever I can:)

  8. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/poetry-blog-community-award-from-adam/

    another poetry award 4 u.
    have a beautiful day!
    I appreciate your uplifting comments and handsome spirits.


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