A trip down under

A trip to the southern most point of India. It sounds exciting, doesn't it?. After all the things I read in geography text books, in school about Indira point, Vivekananda Memorial etc, I was really geared up to go. We planned on a road trip from Bangalore and took the route from TN. Our first stop was Srirangam, a place famous its Ranganatha Temple.

A glimpse of the huge Gopuram can be seen in this pic below,

Then came Tanjore, most popular for its Monolithic temples where the whole structure is carved from a single stone,

Then After a long road, with windmills and greenery on both sides, came the enigmatic Kanyakumari, a small bustling town, with a great view of the sea

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Thiruvalluvar Statue

A View of the Town

My Favorite Pic- The Sea

There was a path into the sea, I don't for what purpose this rock path is used. I walked from my hotel through the settlement of the fishermen, and to the beach, and walked along this path, which led almost 1 km into the sea, one of the most exhilerating walks of my life!, I thought when I reach the end, I will be enlightened, though I was not:), I really loved it, every moment of it.

On our way back from Kanyakumari, we went to Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala. We stayed at a beach resort in Kovalam beach. I could jump from my room's porch and walk to the beach. Here are some of te pictures taken from my room,

The next morning, I saw fishermen busy at work. They dropped a huge net into the sea and this is what they caught

And from there, we headed back home, all exhausted, but with a great experience!


  1. Beautiful pics and narration. It actually took me there in a flash.

  2. @ Magiceye and binzy- Thnk you guys:)

  3. Very nice! Looks like you had a good time. All these years in Tamilnadu and I have never visited Tanjavur... Kanyakumari brings nostalgic memories for me. Thanks for bringing it all together in a vivid post.

  4. inviting photo shots,
    Happy Thursday!

  5. All izz well except one mistake ;)

    "Indira Point" is situated on the island of Great Nicobar in the Nicobar Islands, eastern Indian Ocean, and it represents the southernmost point of land in the territory of India. And not Kanyakumari as you have mentioned :)

    Pics are good!

  6. Lovely pics. Can see you had a gr8 time. I liked the sunset and fish pics :)

  7. @Giri- I did have a great time, except for the travelling part, it sucked big time!

    @Jingle- Will visit your site tonight for sure, really sorry:(

    @Mohan- Seriously?, that correction should be made in Karnataka state syllabus 9th standard geography book..lol

    @nkr4068- Thnx! and double thnx to my newest follower:)

    @Abha- Thnx:)

  8. Kanyakumari is my native though now am settled in bangalore :)

    Kanyakumari beach has changed a lot since my childhood. Back then we had loads of beach sand where we used to make castles but now the landscape is devoid of beach sands due to sea erosion. Back then there was no stone path, it was made to cut the sea erosion and save the beach line :)

  9. @Lakshmi- oh, thnx for readin my post!, n ya i loved walkin on that path!:)

  10. Two awards for poetry,
    the most honest poet award,
    the most open minded poet award,

    two general awards,
    the big heart award,
    you are the princess snow-white award.

    Hope that you enjoy these 4 award.
    Happy Weekend!

  11. the pics are really pretty!! I didnt know that the Tanjore temple was carved out of a single stone..wow!!

  12. @Jingle- Thnk you:)!

    @Sonali- Thnx:)


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