The Thinking God II - Me and my "Industry"

I thought about it,
I thought again,
Why don't I run the human creation process,
like a software service industry?
They seem to be flourishing on my earth,
Why not?, I asked my mute assistant,
He nodded, as always,
I made him that way,

Anyway, I started,
I created managers,
teams and team leads,
I made two teams,
The creators or the developers,
The Quality and Compliance(QC),
I became the client,
I ordered the first batch of humans,
They ought to be perfect,
after all, the process is,

All was set, I was the king,
No worries for me,
After all, I am the client,
Then it came, like a hurricane,

The developers built the first human,
Proudly they sent it to the QC team,
"Ah!, My human is perfect", they said,

The QC people were bewildered,
They found an "issue",
They found his nose to be a little crooked!,
They sent it back to the developers,
The human went around in circles for a while,

Finally, the day came,
The Client Visit,
I was welcomed with open arms,
They garlanded me,
They laid a feast,
I was happy,
I had made a good decision,
Then came the acid test,
They showed me the first human,

I don't remember much after that,
You see, I fainted!,
The human was a sight to see,
He was made upside down,
with the head in place of legs,
and hands, apparently,
were removed in a round of QC,
as there were a few "formatting" errors,

So now I'm thinking again,
again and again,
Should I reconsider my decision?


  1. Great poem and a good point.

  2. another beautiful poem!
    what gift!

  3. LOL! I felt like I was back working in the switch (Telecommunications) one too many people changing the programming, or adding their own touch sends everything standing on its head.

    These lines are what my nightmares are made from:

    “They found an "issue",”

    You added just enough stress to make this hilarious! Very well written, I love your poetry and humor.

  4. Ha Ha, good one. May be god has a good team of developers and QC. Then also there are some defects here and there. Nice read. Thanks for sharing.

  5. @Big John and Jingle- Thnx guys:)

    @Gerardine- I hate that sentence too, I just hate it with all my heart!:)

    @Anto- Thnk u:)

  6. Imperfect people trying to create the perfect specimen?

  7. Enjoyed your creative expression and the underlying philosophy.
    good stuff..

  8. Nice portrayal !! loved the way you coupled IT with God !! Well done !!

  9. @GyanBan- Thnx:)

    @Bullseye- I bet God's system is more effective than this;)

  10. this is very nice!!! i look forward to reading more of this....

  11. Good one....but whatever it is...make friends with them..."They are 'SWEET' ppl...." ....Lolz...

  12. @Ishabelle- Thnx:)

    @Shubham- Who said they are not my frens? ;)


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