Endless ramblings of a confusing life!

Curious are the ways of this chaotic life,
makes me want to be a child again,
but when I was a child,
I wanted to grow up fast!

Myriad are the ways of this confusing life,
makes me think that boys have everything easy for them,
but I have heard them talk,
and they feel the opposite!

Weird are the ways of this abstract life,
makes me think I wanna go back to college,
but when I was there,
all I ever wanted was to start working!

Hazy are the ways of this clueless life,
makes me think I'm done with shopping,
but when I'm there,
I wanna buy everything in sight!

Crazy are the ways of this fast paced life,
makes me feel I am just a kid,
but when I'm sensible,
I realize I'm not one anymore!

Imperfect are the ways of this pretentious life,
makes me think all I want is freedom,
but what I don't realize is,
I'm scared to break free!

Jumbled are the ways of this scrambled life,
makes me walk in a maze,
day in and day out,
All I wanna say is,
Bravo me!


  1. How True!! I can identify myself with your poem :)

  2. Wow !! you narrated story of lot many lives,including mine !! great job..what we want from life is really never clear and yes everybdy is confused..nice poem !!

  3. This is very true! We are never happy living in the moment, always looking backward or forward.
    Have a great week!

  4. Well written.
    Describes my life a little!
    Never decisive at all!

  5. Nice insight. Nice poem :-)

  6. @Ashes- I think everyone has been through all this sometime or the other

    @Bullseye & D2-Thnx:)

    @Gerardine- Thnk you:), Thnx for visiting my blog again

    @Sheela- I think its really true for the both of us:)

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    two more on the bottom....
    Happy Tuesday!

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  9. beautiful poem,
    yes, we always desire something we could not have or miss the past...
    thank you for the contribution!
    please let me know after you are done 18 poets visiting!

  10. i can totally relate...life is really weird sometimes:)nicely done:)


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