Creativity Fully Loaded!

Man's creativity knows no bounds, This has been proven true again and again over hundreds of centuries. But nowadays, there is more plagiarism than originality in all aspects of life. People with no talent judge talent shows, and people with even an inkling of talent, shout out from their rooftops about it. There are very few humble, yet amazingly creative people left in this world. One such person is Mr. Raveendra, a retired engineer, who I met as part of one of my assignments in a local newspaper. He owns a workshop called "Kalaspoorthi". Here in this nondescript workshop, he has made soooooooooooooo many things, that are creative, yet so practical. Most of the things he makes is from scrap or waste materials that are being thrown away. I'll publish some of the photos I took when I went there.

This is the leaf table he made as a tribute to the Biotechnology conference that happened in Bangalore a few years ago.

This is what he calls the "spice wheel", you can store spices in the bottles and it can be rotated, and the cap of the bottle needed can be unscrewed from below :). Makes things easier, isn't it?

This is a contraption, he created to paint lane dividers on the roads. One of the bottles can be filled with paint and the other with kerosene, and as one just wheels it across, the straight lines are painted easily. Ingenious, I think!

The first picture is actually a swing, which Mr. Raveendra, fondly calls the "cool swing", and rotate it upside down, and Voila! you've got a ladder with a platform on top!

This is Mr. Raveendra on one of his oldest creations. It is an exercise cycle, the power developed on which is used to run either a wet grinder or a water pump. He says he can pump water upto 2 floors in ten minutes.

Its a cot, its a diwan,no wait its a dining table for four! 2 in 1:)

Look at these photos below carefully, to find out how to divide a table in half in 2 minutes. You may think there are legs on the other side, but please check the axis of the table changes from horizontal to vertical as its turned.

Being an avid nature lover, he has converted the top floor of his workshop into a green house, and in this green house, he has created a wonderland for kids. He has made things that will help make kids understand the concepts of science, arts and spirituality better.

The green house

A model to help kids understand how pixels in a camera work.

A model of the solar system

Veena cum fountain :)

These are only some of the things in his huge workshop, and for the record, he is 72 yrs "young". He still continues to expand his horizons.

If ever there was a lifetime achievement award for engineers, I think he deserves it, what say?


  1. There are many such creative minds who go unfound...

  2. @Sheela- you come with me, ill take you there

    @Shilpa- you said it!

  3. what's ur location....i would love to visit ur place!!

  4. @Bunty- :)

    @Vikki - Its not my place:), anyway Im from Bangalore

  5. The Address to Kalaspoorthi:
    No. 19, 8th main road,
    Industrial area,
    Banashankari II stage,
    Behind Monotype bus stop
    Bangalore 70
    Mob: 9482514883


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