Things I learnt in office

I always thought why people hate going to office, when they don't mind going back to college. I was ignorant and dumb, and was waiting to start working like all impatient college goers, who have no reason to do so except that they are perpetually broke. I always used to visualise myself shopping more and more when I start working, rather than the actual work itself.

Anyway, finally my "dream" came true and I started working about six months ago. Here are some of the things I learnt in office

1)In college, you come late, you go for a movie, anyway no point in going to class late.

There are no fixed timings in office. You come late, you go home late or you don't go home at all. They don't mind keeping you there.

2)In college, you have to beg your principal to let you have a college fest, beg some more to let you have a DJ, and fall on his feet for funds

In office, they have to beg you to attend a fest, beg some more for you to dance and funds, yeah rite, as if you are bothered!

3) In college, you hate eating at home even if the canteen food is disgusting, you prefer to go there.

In office, even if the food court stuff is palatable, you prefer eating from your 'dabba' or in some worse restaurant nearby, but not the food court

4) In college, you have to open all the windows of your classroom for a whiff of air to come in, sometimes you have to stick a piece of paper in the fan regulator for it to even start moving at 5rpm

In office, you have to tel the AC maintenance guy to increase the temperature, b'cos it is so damn cold

5) In college, you can get internal marks either by cheating in the exam/ buttering the teacher big time

In office, you actually have to work to get any sort of incentive!!:(

6)In college, if you copy in exams, they debar you for 2 yrs

In office, if you don't copy( and paste, of course), you don't get anywhere. Infact, try writing the code from scratch, and probably, they'll debar you

7) In college, you get bored at home and will be dying to go back to college to see what new stories are happening in class

In office, obviously you get bored and you will be dying to go home and see what's cooking for dinner

Anyway, the point is I don't know why I was dying to start working!!!!
N guess what?! I don't even like shopping now!


  1. Hmmm..very true..But one thing you missed actually..Buttering (euphenism for A**licking) is one sureshot way to succeed or go up..Nice post,none the less.

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  3. hehe...I is so much fun.
    Another one is in college you can choose you hang out with but at work you are stuck with people and some of them are complete dimwits :)

  4. Ha ha! This was a funny post! And here are some survival tips I recently read from Jammy's blog - " "

  5. all I say is from my view, your blog is cool, one suggestion to make it coolest is increase the font size a bit..
    Regarding the post, being in IIT I've seen some external doing some PG hate to go back to work the exact opposite to yours :P
    if there's code already written which u've to extend, wat is the need to write from scratch..? it costs time which obviously means you're wastin money

  6. Cool one! College - bunking is allowed, after all friends are always there for putting proxies.

    A veg puff and fight for last sip of coke is what you enjoyed most at college, at office... enjoyment...well i am searching one!

    Many more... college best times, anytime!

    Nice blog ;)

  7. My three years (with one more left to go) have been the hallmark of my life. College life rules!

  8. Perfect analysis of two different phases of life...

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  9. @Bullseye- Ya, sadly it is

    @Indli- Thnx:), will do

    @The Mystery's Final Page- When will who ever learn?

    @Lazy Pineapple- Yeah, I know!, Another thing to add to all the crap that's already there:(

    @Arjit- Thnx, ll read it:)

    @Dozent- I'm lazy to do that, what with all the HTML crap, I have to read

    @Karan- You said it!

    @D2- Enjoy your final year to the fullest!

    @Kcalpesh- Thank you:)

  10. Very interesting Keerthana.

    Totally two different worlds.


    three poetry awards,
    4 general awards...
    Enjoy the moment.
    Thank you for the contribution on poetry..

    u did an excellent job this week.

  12. awwwwwwww dear !!welcome to the Corporate world!! :(

  13. too good ...... :) it was really fun reading this post.. and pondering.. how true. ! :)

    Keep blogging cheers !

  14. Thanks to Corporate life I got to know the essence of precious weekends.

  15. Wow that was scary i was hoping to graduate and join work this years but you gave me some food for thought

  16. Very interesting learning. There is a song int he movie "Three Idiots."
    "Give me some sun shine
    Give me some rays
    Give me another chance to be young and growing again."

    I may not have got the lines exactly, but it conveyes the feelings that you might have had since you started working.

    Many college students, immediately after their education, lose sleep over wanting to go to a job. When you get job, one prefers to lose it to gain some sleep.


    T N Neelakantan

  17. ha! its so true... i dont know what to do. Laugh or sulk in resentment

  18. So so soooo true, can totally relate to it. I share the same state of mind about office. Want to quit and go back to college :(

  19. so true !!!!
    reminds me of those lovely days spent in college !!!! and heckles hours spent in office

    :) :)

  20. I liked the post, but can't really call it awesome because, i am gonna face this shit soon too, in another say 10 months, my collage is gonna be over too!!

  21. I can totally relate to this. I agree with each point 110% :)

    Do check out my post here. I promise it’ll be funny :)

  22. multiple likes, cool post n i do agree wit is fun job lyf do sux abit

  23. u r so for all office goers

  24. these are one of the exact things i get to hear from my seniors who r working now, and it's giving me second thoughts. But not like there is a way out or something! Nice post!

  25. It's been 15 years since I left the college. But you are so right. I wish I can relive the college days.

  26. its absolutely right..i have just entered the corporate life and couldnt agree more

    hearmy gadget speak

  27. Dropping by your blog for the first time and I must say I can very much relate to your post. I guess, we're just humans:D Cheerz!


  28. Nice and perfect.....Ur post was very easy to relate to...Good work..

  29. It's nostalgia talking. When you were in college, school time was best. When you are in office, college time was better. When you are retired..dunno. haven't reached that stage yet... still, i hope you get the point. Every time has it's ups and downs

  30. wat if i say,that its human nature that we dont like wat we have and run behind wat we dont have.....
    well! i m in college...and m not in love with it!

  31. Hmmm, so in 5 and a half months even I will start working fresh out of college,Thanks for giving me this insight from the corporate world! ;D

  32. You sound exactly like my working friends. While initially they shopped and shopped that made me feel how wonderful their lives have suddenly turned out to be. But now all I hear is constant complains from them like how horrible their team leader is and stuff and they have shopped in every mall in Bangalore and have no patience to walk anymore. I agree college life can be more easy but penniless at times. The only reason everyone wants to work is to earn money so that they can pamper themselves with finest luxury. But the thirst for money never dies and so everyone ends up working.

  33. AWWW That is so sad Ana! I know my bro is always having a blast working in CTS,chennai!!!:) They have a lovely gymnasium, football grounds , lounge and what not! He is truly living in style but yes the work schedules are real tiresome and irritating mostly for us family people coz he hardly socializes or has time even for his own wife! What a life! Glad I decided against working ..or was I forced to ..Whatever :P

  34. working conditions in corporate are tough no doubt...but gone are the days when all yearned for sarkari naukri

  35. hahaha hard earned money going out to other shops is painful :D

    I love this post :)

  36. well put! enjoyed reading being d 1st 1 of ur posts I stumbled upon,I think ur wordz r honest n I wud luv 2 follow ur posts. however, I still hold d idea of work as a much adventurous 1 as dat of college life...we r humans afterall. the grass is alwayz greener on d othr side :)

  37. ha ha so true the 6th point, enjoyed it truly


  38. Nice one. Going through the same things.

  39. The last point is kinda true for me....Just when the clock strikes 6 PM , my biological clock shields the grey matters in the brain to spill out anything remotely productive at office...Its time to get back home and see what's for dinner ;)


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