Love, seduction and regret!

You look at me,
A seducing glance,
You are wearing red today,
My favorite color,
A little plump you look,
Just like the way I like you,

You sit there and you beckon to me,
I don't want to come close,
I'm done with you,
I've had enough of your mind games,
I've suffered enough,

Yesterday when you wore blue,
You looked just so irresistible,
I couldn't take my eyes off you,
I couldn't resist,
I gave up!

But today is a new day,
I'm trying hard,
I won't give up,
Don't be so sad,
I'm coming,
I'll pick you up,
Damn you,
You bloody variety of JUNK FOOD!

I can't ignore you,
I don't hate you,
I just love you :)


  1. @Bunty- Thnx:)

    @Arjit- :) Thnx :)


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