Someone please stop the time!!!!

I remember the time,
I saw my baby brother in the hospital,
I started crying,
I told my mom to leave him there,
I wanted to be an only child,
I still do sometimes when he's so irritating,
I was 4

I remember the time,
I was standing on my balcony,
and a monkey came,
I tried to push the monkey
with my grandmom's stick,
Instead I was rolling down the stairs,
I don't remember exactly what happened,
I was 6

I remember the time,
I erased my friend's homework,
thinking it would be amusing,
My friend didn't think so,
Nor did the teacher,
I was 8

I remember the time,
I was made to kneel outside the class,
Just because I was talking,
I couldn't believe it!,
I was 12

I remember the time I entered college,
People were amused by my initials,
I didn't understand why,
They started calling me AK 47,
I was sick of it!
I was 16

I remember the time I sat in my engineering orientation,
I thought,
"God! How can I survive here for four long years!"
and Guess what?!,
before I knew it,
It was over!
I was 22

I remember the time,
My first day in office,
I thought my training would never end,
Now it has!

Before I know it,
I'll be married!
I'll have kids!!!
I'll be thinking about their school!!!!
I'll be 40!!!!!!
Someone stop the time!!!!!!!!!
Stop it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good one, thoroughly enjoyed it! It made me remember of my childhood days, even I had nick names and some kind of hatred towards my siblings. it all sounds funny now because time has passed so fast. There is actually nothing we can do about it. The best thing that can be done is to realize that we have one..only one short life..and lets make it beautiful..cherish every moment of it....And importantly start it now..right now :)

  2. @Anto- But why the one life that we have, has to go soooooooo fast?!!

    @Witty Jester- :) :)

  3. This is good. Though with me, it was always, oh god please, somebody fast forward a few years.

  4. Wow !! Nice narration of ur life...But focus on the good things and everything will be worth it..OR lets start research for a time machine ;-)

  5. Good one Ana... My hairs are greying and I could benefit if someone stopped the time for you LOL
    Thanks for visiting

  6. Indeed it runs so fast.. Somebody stop the time please :)

  7. all smiles! lovely way to put the most mundane of things!

  8. I think we need not stop the time, because I believe each and every second (past, current and future) is giving equal amount of opportunity to enjoy the life.

    Anyway, it is a nice one.

  9. @Sameerjha- Ya, that also sometimes:)

    @Bullseye-I'm with you on the second plan

    @Farila- Come lets join Bullseye;), and my name is keertana, anatreek is a palindrome:)

    @Mr.Niceguy- You are also invited to join our research on the time machine:)

    @Bunty-Thank you:)

    @qualitypoint- Ya I know all that, but still its more fun to be a kid than an adult:)

  10. What if you really get frozen in time?

    Would you be giving us a chronological order of deeds/misdeeds??

  11. @Purba- Hmmm..Interesting, I never thought of that before:)

  12. I like it! lol it sounds familiar!

  13. So True!!
    Loved this post of yours. I so wish time could be stopped right now.
    Keep writing!!

  14. Woww.....Excellent Write Up :) :) Beautiful Poem Dear :) :) Enjoyed A Lot :) :)

    Came From Jingle :) :)

  15. @Goatgirl- Thnx:)

    @Jingle- :)

    @Rohit- Thank you, keep visiting:)

    @Creativity- Thank you, keep visiting:)


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  17. How can is this possible,but i wish this would happen..


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