You know it, but still...

How is it that when you decide not to be involved in some matter, you invariably end up so deep in it that you may drown?
I have had this experience so many times that I have lost count. I'm a person who just can't keep her mouth shut when something that she doesn't like is going on. I just can't. I've tried all methods, except for gagging myself. Maybe, I should try that.
Anyway, I am going through the same thing once again in my, what my friend calls, "a colourful life"! 

Here are some of my experiences which, when they occur in your lives, take my word, keep you bl***y mouth shut!

1) When your team meeting is going on :
You know nothing can make your project better. You know your manager is a dumba**. You know if you open your mouth asking them to change something in the system, they'll ask you to take up "the initiative"( Read: EXTRA WORK!), so isn't it better to zip up??

2)When your classmates want to go on a class trip:
You know your classmates are stupid, you know you are too. You know your HOD is the stupidest of them all. You know you'll get blasted if you try to "organize" the trip, so isn't it better to zip up?

3)When your friends are in and out of "love":
You know you will have a bad time if you get involved, You know she won't take your advice even if she asks you for it, You know better than to tell him anything, so isn't it better to zip up?

4)When your parents are giving "unnecessary advice":
You know they are doing it to show  "Who's in charge", You know afterwards they don't care if you do what they are saying or not, You know they are talking just for the sake of it, so isn't it better to zip up?!

Anyway, I've never zipped up at the right time, which leads to unwanted drama and consequent hyper tension in mine and a bunch of others' lives, but still, when another similar situation throws up, I'll never keep my bl***y mouth shut!
I know that bl***y well!



  1. Written awesome!!!!
    I must say,...very true indeed.. I think everything you mentioned in the post is what happens to all of us.... practically it is the best solution also...
    carry on ur posts!!!

  2. @Sumit- Thnk u!, They are true indeed, been through each one of those situations

    @Jingle- Thnx:)

  3. How about, When you feel like giving a verbal slaughter to your boss?

  4. @Anand- I'm not venturing into that territory

    @Purba- I wish I could do it:(


    one poetry award,
    three general awards,
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Ditto!!! As a matter of fact, I'm on a mission yesterday onwards. Its called Varun version 2.0 beta. Its just about shutting up. Honestly!!


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