To be silly or not to be?

Silliness is an underrated state of mind where everything seems rational to you, but for others its just "Oh my god! How can she be so dumb?". Sometimes its silly not to be silly.

Like for example: You want something from your parents, you know if you sit and discuss with them either they will not agree or it will just take a looooooooooooooooooooooooot of time. So the best thing to do is be silly about it. Close your ears, and eyes and start screaming, "I want it. I want it. I WANT IT". I'm sure you'll get the desired result in a matter of minutes. Who will want to argue with a  stupid, silly, stubborn person? Will you?*

Another time this principle works is when you are trying to impress a guy. I have seen many girls who pretend to be so dumb. As an inexperienced cynic, I used to think guys are smarter than to fall for this childish trick, but guess what? They are not. They will lap up any stupid, "silly" girl they come across. After all, its easy to manipulate a dumb girl anyday, don't you think so?*

Then there's the time you have to fill a form or an application or whatever. You don't wanna take the risk of filling it yourself and making a hundred mistakes in the process but you are too proud to ask for help. Tan ta dan! time to put on your silly mask. Go to your dad. " Dad, does age mean your age or mine?", "Dad, does address mean gmail address or yahoo address?". Enough, these two questions will do the trick, if not pepper it with some more conjunctions and prepositions. He will snatch the paper and the rest will be history.*

You can repeat the same procedure with your team lead when he/she has assigned you a lot of work. Go to him and repeat similar questions like, "You mean I have to take an onshore call on this, should I call or will they call? Shall I call in the morning or evening? Who will pay the ISD bill?" You will be met with wide eyed stares, but your work there is accomplished.*

Try these.

Oh but wait,
* means "All these work in your favour, IF and ONLY IF you are a girl"

Now go try :)


  1. people will certainly call me dumb a** if i do all these... but whatever, the generation gap is something i can attribute most of this to than calling some one silly or stupid ;)

  2. O lord, finally!

    Someone from the XX gang admits the undue advantage bestowed upon them from time immemorial!


  3. Like the excuses for being silly..I have seen it used so many times by my friends on me. I think the trick is to isolate the parent/friend with the least amount of patience. And then the little trick you have up your sleeve will work like magic all the time..:)

  4. Ahh, thats true.
    Its because they are not able to differentiate between innocence and dumbness. Both of them look similar on the outward (to the guys at least)

  5. @Mohan- Generation gap is only one factor, there are others too:)

    @Bunty- its an open secret:)

    @Journomuse- Yup, you got it right:)

    @Apoyando- Ya, guys are like that:)


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