Do you eat to live or live to eat?

An average person thinks more about what to eat during the next meal time, than his work. Of course, he thinks more about everything other than work;), but thats not the point. So eating one of THE most important activities in our life, isn't it? After all, we spend more than 3 to 4 hrs a day at the dining table, especially when we are working on a 10:30 to 8:30 shift, which includes all 3 meal times. If you don't spend that much time, then you are working too hard. Not good for your health, go and eat!

 For me, eating time is sacred. I love eating and I love eating out. "Out" includes anywhere but my office cafe.

So one sunny afternoon, my group of jobless colleagues (JCs) decided to go out to a seedy sweet shop cum restaurant called "laddoos", situated in an obscure road nearby. We reached there and already my tummy was making "hungry" noises. I ordered a paneer paratha. "Yummy" :)

I started eating. It was not bad. " Okay, We can come here again", mumbled one JC, with his mouth filled with raj kachori or something. I nodded. "Why not?"

The curd given with the paratha was almost over. Then, out of nowhere a foreign object peeked out of it. It was black, it was long and it reminded me of the dissection session in my biology lab in college, when my teacher held what seemed like the whisker of the cockroach and expressionlessly said, "Students, This is the appendage".

 "Oh my gooooooooooooood!!!" It was horrible, I had already eaten so much, What could I do? Atleast if I was bulimic, I could puke out everything. I was visibly disgusted, but what could I do, other than to stop eating, which I obviously did! I shouted at the waiter, who continued the blame game, but still. It was over, the crap was already inside. My meal ruined, My mealtime gone!

I thought to myself, "I'll never eat out. From tomorrow, I'm getting lunch from home. Enough is enough!"

By that time, another JC, recovering from the shock which was not strong enough to make him stop eating his pav bhaji, said, "Oh god! Lets not eat here, come lets go to the restaurant opposite to this place, it looks cleaner"

I said, "Yeah, I heard they make good samosas"

That day I realised, I don't eat to live. I live to eat.



  1. Arey yaar, kithna bhi roadside cafe' gandha ho, some really make a point to attract us! I am 100 percent like you. Just ignore "Ladoos"...and concentrate on "samosas" simple!

  2. Nothing shameless about it :)) many ppl fall out living to eat category ! :D

  3. Eating has kept us alive --The ultimate truth.
    So how can we deceive something which keeps us alive.

  4. @Anto- Yup! They do, don't they? :)

    @Deepika- I know, I know :)

    @Apoyando- I agree with you :)

  5. Hahaha..Bravo..I am proud of you..This tells me you are not a non vegetarian ;-) I love food and have encountered such situations, bcoz we all know the best food is present at these nooks and corners,so for good food, itna toh compromise banta hai naa !!

  6. I think it is a combination of both. You eat to live and you live to eat.

  7. hahah..count me in on ILTE crowd..I do that as well . Sad but true :)

  8. hahah..count me in on ILTE crowd..I do that as well . Sad but true :)

  9. @Bullseye- You are right, I'm a vegetarian

    @snowleopard- Hmmm, I think so

    @wannabauthor- You've got company:)

  10. haha, good one...:)Good to know that your resolve to try out things wasn't shaken by a thin antennae of an emaciated cockroach that committed suicide in your yoghurt..;)


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