The Misunderstood 9 to 5 Routine

I always thought of myself as someone who can-NOT handle a 9 to 5 routine. Now, its been almost 7 months and I'm proving myself wrong daily. I used to think it was cool to look up to the sky, make a somewhat artsy-eccentric expression like they do in the movies and say, "I'm not the 9 to 5 type, I'm different". I've heard many people say it, and I have to admit it does sound cool. After all, who doesn't want to not work for 9 hrs a day, and still earn enough dough. But still, after a lot of thought I came up with a few things which do prove that the 9 to 5 job is better than working from home. Here are some:

Number 1
You wake up in the morning. If you are someone like me, you need a place to go. You can't go the movies daily, can you? You'll be broke in two days, considering the price of tickets these days and also there won't be many worthwhile movies playing, so go the office and create your own drama. Escalate unnecessary issues, see how they'll be further escalated and hence, may result in a meeting, which will lead to discussions, just add some oil to the fire when someone is complaining about something in the meeting. Stop there, sit back and relax. Sadly, popcorn is not allowed.

Number 2
When you are at home, you will be constantly nagged by your mom, dad, spouse or whoever. You may be a   bestselling author of some Hinglish book, but is your mom/spouse bothered 'bout it when you are lying on the sofa watching TV while you brainstorm in yourself, NO! They start yelling, calling you useless, and you may also invite yourself the trouble of doing, "chores" around the house. Do you want it? I didn't think so. Instead, do the same "Brainstorming" in front of your computer in the office. Does anyone care? No! They think you are probably stressed and they may actually tell you to take some time off.

Number 3
You don't like what your mom has prepared at home, you maybe thinking, "Oh God! I can't eat Sambar rice again! Nooooooooooooo!", but on the face, you have to maintain a pleasant expression so that your mom doesn't get the feeling that you are irritated, because once she does, there will be endless yellings about how her work goes unappreciated and suchlike. But when you go to office, when you are bored of home food, you can tell your mom to not pack dabba and take rest. You can convince her that you'll "adjust" by eating outside for one day, albeit with a believable expression on your face and you'll be showered with sympathy. Yes, you will:)

Number 4
At home, who can you gossip about? The only people you see will be your mom, dad, sibling and maybe your pet. Who's interested in them? You may hear something about your neighbours' affairs if you stick your ear to the wall, but isn't it unwanted stress to your body. But in the office, you can simply sit in your place, and all the gossip just comes floooooooowing in. Your talkative cabin-mate, the one on the opposite side talking endlessly on the phone, two people to the left cntinuously fighting. There is no end, literally. If it ever comes to an end, just mention your boss' name and that will do the job.

Number 5
Last but not the least, while getting entertained so much, you'll actually be PAID!

So what say, which one is better?


  1. Fully agree. These days I am working from home. I live by myself so I have no mum dad or siblings or spouse to entertain me. But I have ruined my circadian rhythm. I am constantly running to the kitchen so gaining weight and only people I talk to is other bloggers.

    So 9-5 jobs do give you a life.


    Desi Girl

  2. Number 6

    Go to cafe with a pen and a notepad. Order one large hot chocolate. And write a draft titled - "The Misunderstood 9 to 5 Routine" :-)

  3. @Desigirl- Yup, it does:)

    @Magiceye- Thanks:)

    @Gujaratfiction- Lol! Didn't think of that one

  4. Fantastic piece of art! thats what I will call this, you exactly told what I wanted to say about my 9 to 6 job! The gossip you mentioned exactly is the same way.....floooing from all corners of the office, you forget the office chat window, mostly the gossip fly's here and there through the office communicator tool! If somebody can track that, then we can write a wonderful gossip story sitting back home. :)

  5. Hi,
    Truly a great philosophy for all "careerists".
    Enjoyed reading this.
    Loved your I live to eat blog too.
    Keep posting such wonderful blogs.

  6. @Anto and Vikram- Thank you guys!! :) :) :)

  7. You have got a point there but I would still prefer being a nomad.. housebound or not.. Cafe me macbook pens confusion undecided, seems a far better life to me :)


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