Life's Most FAQ

I wake up,
I walk the path,
The path trodden by one, by all,
The path I don't want to go on,
but I have to,
You see, My feet are tied,
My hands are too,
I'm restless,
I'm suffocating,

On my way, I'm blackmailed, I'm bullied,
I'm hurt, I'm dying inside,
but all the while,
I have a smile on my face,
A fake one,
When I reach the destination,
I feel,
Is it worth the walk?
Did I have a choice?
Could I have taken the path less trodden?


  1. like the metaphor.

  2. Wonderful stuff....Life doesn't promise us anything, it just gives us two things: opportunity and choice. We create our destiny by playing around the opportunities and choices.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. yes! we all grew up thinking we must follow the trodden path with our fake smiles intact-you have expressed the agony of it so well.
    But blogger offers respite na?

  4. You have been tagged – roped you in to participate in a mad list that is going around blogosphere – Check out Girls have all the fun

  5. @Gyanban- Thanks :)

    @Anto- You are right, at the end, it gets down to the choices we make :)

    @Poeticbreak- Yeah it does, I love blogging :)

    @Sowmya- Thanks for tagging me, ll get down to business rite now :)

  6. still not late if you have the guts to change...nice read...great picture too


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