My Happy B'day, Long ago, Not so long ago, Now!

Today is my Happy B'day!!!
23rd to be precise:)

Thank you, Thank you (In case, you are wishin' me in your minds)

Anyway, I wanted to write this post as a reminiscence of my B'day celebrations that have changed over the years.

 In primary school, I used to wait the whole year for this day so that I can wear new colorful clothes to school, instead of the same old boring uniform. An addon to the excitement were the sweets that I used to distribute in class. Till 4th standard, I used to distribute Dairy Milk chocolates to my whole class, whereas the other children used to distribute koka naka, coffee bite types. I remember once a little glutton even reminded me, "Hey, you are getting dairy milk this time also, right?", He enquired. As though if I get some other chocolate, I'll be banned from school. :) Anyway, I didn't want to break his heart or others' so I followed the tradition that year also. The next year, I came to my senses and gave koka naka :D

Then came high school, the time when people realised its uncool to wear new clothes to school and do the whole drama of singing B'day song and stuff. So we used to smirk at primary children and not celebrate at school. That was a boring time. Of course, there was the mandatory treat friends would demand, I used to bow down to them and treat them in the corner shop that sells pani puri, bhel puri and stuff like that owing to the financial crunch. No one gives you more than 100 bucks in high school. Atleast when I went there.

And along came college, a whole new world opened, no need to wear uniform, daily colorful clothes, So the concept of wearing new clothes lost its sheen but then there were other things to look forward to. Everyone had a brand new bike, and so when someone's b'day comes, then everyone hops on, gets a small cake and expects a huuuge treat. One more condition, We had to go somewhere far off to celebrate. Of course, as a flashback the B'day girl would have pleaded at home for a 1000 bucks atleast. Anyway, It was fun.

Now, that I'm working, its a reverse process. I bunked office, slept four hrs more than usual, and took my family out for lunch. I think I'm growin' old!


  1. Happy Birthday looose!!
    Welcome to club 23 :)

  2. Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Dear :) :)

  3. @Sheela- Thank you :)

    @Creativity- Thanks a lot:)


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